Let’s Talk – Santorini

I have been so excited to write about Santorini ever since I got back from Greece!! Which at this point…it’s going to be 7 months since I got back. Looking back on these photos definitely made me miss this place immensely.

Santorini was by far, one of the most breath taking places I have ever visited. There were multiple times throughout the trip where I felt like I was experiencing heaven on earth and had to pinch myself. This trip was pure joy and one that I will fondly remember forever.

To start off, Santorini is a small island. When I say small, I mean small…some 30 odd miles or so. Getting from the top of the island to the bottom is pretty easy and manageable for a day trip. The most popular point in Santorini is Oia (pronounced “EE YA“), and this is where you see the famous Santorini “Blue Domes”. I however, stayed on the south side of the island, in a town called Pyrgos.

Pyrgos was great. It was low-key, not filled with the tourist crowd that you usually find in Oia, and I was still able to get breath taking Santorini views. There is an option to do a hike from Fira (the town neighboring Pyrgos) to Oia, which is around 8 miles, but I opted out of this because of the busy day I had planned. Disclaimer: I was only in Santorini for three days, and I spent two of them at the beach, so I only had one day to sightsee!

Monastery of Profitis Ilias is the highest point on Santorini and this is where I started my day of sightseeing. Since it is the highest point, you can only imagine that the road leading up was as narrow and winding as can be. It definitely made for an interesting bus ride, especially since it had down poured not too long before. At the top, there is a beautiful church with 360 degree views of Santorini. It was absolutely breathtaking, and definitely a must see during a visit to the island.

Not only is Santorini known for its beautiful views, but it is also known for its unique wineries. I was able to visit Venetsanos Winery, located in Athinios. Many of Santorini’s wineries are located in charming areas with stunning views of calderas. At Venesantos, I was able to have a wine flight – this allowed me to try various wines that were local to the region. Not a bad midday break.


Oia deserved it’s own section in this post, because this is what people think of when they imagine Santorini. Oia is located at the northern part of the island, and home to the famous Santorini “Blue Domes”. There were a few pros and cons to my visit to Oia.

Pros: Oia is breath taking and there is no denying that. There were tons of cute boutique shops selling jewelry and knick knacks, and I got a ton of shopping done here! I also had one of the best plates of Souvlaki ever…overlooking the beautiful blue and white landscape. The west side of Oia housed one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. It felt like a dream.

Cons: Oia is a small village that attracts many people. The place was crowded! There were people everywhere and it was easy to feel claustrophobic at times. The famous Blue Domes were actually pretty hard to find, and it took a lot of wrong turns and following this blog post to actually find the spot (MAJOR shoutout to my awesome travel companions who knew how to follow the directions from this blog really well!).

Nonetheless, my entire time in Santorini felt like a dream and I’ve never been so in love with one place than I was here. Since I went in August, high heat and humidity was expected and I was able to work on an awesome summer tan that lasted for months after I returned. I can definitely say that I will return to Santorini one day.

Whew! It was pretty awesome to recollect all of the awesome memories from this trip! The rest of my trip in Greece was equally as memorable, and I’ll reserve some blog posts to chronicle my time in Athens, Mykonos, and Paros.

If you are planning a trip to Santorini, first of all, I’m insanely excited for you because it’s such a good time! Reach out if you need any tips.



Author: Sherise DSilva

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